Baaghi- Tiger strikes, but the film is not as rebellious.

*ing – Tiger Shroff , Shraddha Kapoor, Sudheer Babu , Sunil Grover.

Produced by – Sajid Nadiadwala.

Directed by – Sabbir Khan.


This review can be read by someone who hasn’t watched the movie, for it does not contain a summary of the plot. There are a few spoilers included, however, they will not reveal any important points or aspects of the storyline.


Tiger Shroff debuted strongly with Heropanti in the summer of 2014. The actor, who was appreciated for his action and dance, was also mocked for his lack of facial hair and somewhat girlish features. However, he did manage to grab  a few eyeballs, and the overall response towards him was positive. Tiger now returns with Baaghi, which is helmed by the director of his debut film Sabbir Khan. The trailers have so far been received with a mixed response, but the song ‘Sab Tera’ has been liked. The fact that Bollywood hasn’t seen an action-packed masala entertainer which appeals to the masses has further bolstered the prospects of this Sabbir Khan directorial. So is Baaghi the masala entertainer the masses have been waiting for? Will the crowds get entertained? Read on to find out…..


One of the  major strengths of a good masala film is its entertainment value. However, this is where Baaghi  fails to capitalize. The comedy works only in parts. In fact, in the first hour of the film, the story barely progresses. This hour only consists of mostly lame comedy and a bit of romance. It is in the last 20 minutes of the first half that the film starts getting interesting, and this is largely because of the action sequence that takes place during this period. The second half has its moments and is much better than the first half, but that is because there are more action sequences included here.

The story, written by Sanjeev Datta,  is strictly average. The same can be said about the editing. The cinematography by Binod Pradhan is excellent. The locales of Thailand and Kerala have been well  captured . The background score, composed by Julius Packiam, is excellent. It is one of the major strengths of the film and keeps the viewers hooked to the proceedings to a certain extent.  As far as the music is concerned, ‘Sab Tera’ is already popular. It easily qualifies as the best track of the film.

A special mention for the action sequences, for they are indeed the soul of Baaghi. They are brilliantly shot, excellently executed and leave the viewers spellbound. Nowhere does the action seem unrealistic. For a film that falls short on the entertainment quotient, it is the action that almost single-handedly salvages the film.

As far as the direction is concerned, Sabbir Khan does an average job. Scenes such as the traditional boat race of Kerala, or Tiger’s training and action sequences have been very well directed. Overall though, the direction remains average. The dialogues are average, though the climax fight does produce some real gems. The screenplay is average, and scenes are written to appease the masses.

As far as the performances are concerned, Tiger Shroff shows a bit of improvement after Heropanti. He needs to work on his dialogue delivery and acting in general though, for he is still quite raw. But his screen presence has improved considerably, and he has outdone himself in the action department. The role of Ronnie is tailor-made for him to showcase his talent, and he has made full use of this opportunity. Indeed, he has the makings of a star for the masses. Shraddha Kapoor does well as Sia. She gets to perform a few action sequences herself, and she does them well. She looks great and acts convincingly, which is enough for her role. Sudheer Babu is average as the antagonist Raghav. He does well in the action scenes, but is okay otherwise. Sunil Grover tries his best, but manages to invoke laughter on only a few occasions as Shraddha Kapoor’s father. Sanjay Mishra was good as the blind Indian taxi driver. One wishes that he had a better written role though. The child artist gives an average performance. Biswapati Sarkar, of TVF fame, has a small role and he does well.


Baaghi  is a must watch for action aficionados, for it boasts of some of the best action sequences ever seen in Bollywood. The film is typical masala fare, which will appeal to the single screen audiences in particular. However, the film is quite average. Those who don’t relish violence should give it a miss. But for the action junkies, Go for it!


2.5  stars – Average.


10 thoughts on “Baaghi- Tiger strikes, but the film is not as rebellious.

      1. Well articulated. Your versatility of English vocabulary @ this age is really commendable.
        The term Strictly average that u have used i have not read in most of my readings.


    1. As of now,we can’t be sure about that,as we don’t know the reaction of its target audience i.e the masses.But let’s wait and watch.Thanks for reading!Please read and comment on my articles in the future as well!

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  1. I don’t know if the movie is going to be a flop or a hit,but what I know is that the review has been written very very well and has covered everything about the movie in a crystal clear structured manner. Well done!!! Continue the good job!!! God bless you!!!!


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