MS DHONI – THE UNTOLD STORY goes the distance!  

*ing – Sushant Singh Rajput , Anupam Kher , Bhumika Chawla , Disha Patani , Kiara Advani , Kumud Mishra and others.

Produced by – Fox India Studios and Friday Filmworks

Directed by – Neeraj Pandey


In a country where Cricket and Cinema are considered religion by most , a film being made on the most successful captain of the Indian cricket team will undoubtedly garner interest. To add to that,the fact that Neeraj Pandey(A Wednesday, Special 26, Baby) who has an impeccable track record, is at the helm of the project just makes the film more awaited. All in all , the buzz around ‘Ms Dhoni – The Untold Story’ , is huge. So will the film match up to its expectations? Will Sushant Singh Rajput enter the big league of rising young stars? Will Neeraj Pandey maintain his track record of excellent films? Most importantly , will the story of Mahendra Singh Dhoni, one of India’s most profilic and successful cricket captains be depicted well on screen? Read on to find out…..


There is a scene in the film, the introductory scene of cricketer Yuvraj Singh infact, where Yuvraj Singh walks with a swagger befitting his talent, while Dhoni walks with a composure befitting his own while the rest of Dhoni’s teammates look at Yuvraj with respectful, intimidated and defeated eyes. The scene aims at showing Dhoni’s one-in-a-million calmness, and it is at this moment that you realize that with ‘Ms Dhoni – The Untold Story’ , Neeraj Pandey hits bullseye , once again. 

While in the recent years , the Hindi film industry had been plagued by some underwhelming biopics, Ms Dhoni – The Untold Story mostly gets its act right.It isn’t a flawless film , but the plusses outweigh the minuses here by a big margin.

The filmmakers have chosen their story reasonably well. While cutting down on content in biopics isn’t an easy job, for most part, the makers have done justice to the story. The production values and set design is excellent . Each and every location has been captured very well. Apart from a scene or two, the editing is spot on. The camera work is superb,with the cricket scenes being captured brilliantly. The music is not particularly memorable , but it does fit in with the tone of the film. The ‘Besabriyan’ track stands out. The screenplay is pretty good, with quite a few scenes standing out.The casting is excellent, with every character fitting their role perfectly.

As a director , Neeraj Pandey simply nails it once again. The amount of research he has done is pretty evident, and the efforts that have gone into the detailing are commendable. In short, Neeraj Pandey does a great job.

There are however, a few flaws. For those who aren’t cricket fans,or fans of Dhoni, this is just a decent watch.Also, the length of the film(3 hours) will surely bother this section of the audiences. Also, though most points are covered well by the film, one wishes that the controversial points in Dhoni’s career were given a bit more attention. His relationship with his teammates is barely shown, and this irks the audiences at times.

As far as the performances are concerned, Sushant Singh Rajput has given a truly brilliant performance as Dhoni. Under Neeraj Pandey’s able guidance, he has transformed himself into the character to a point of being unnerving. He gets everything right, and one can say that this is a breakthrough performance for him.Supporting him exceedingly well is Anupam Kher, playing the role of Dhoni’s father with finesse. Bhumika Chawla , Disha Patani and Kiara Advani play their roles very well, despite their short screen time. Every other actor does well in their role , and the actor playing Yuvraj Singh has been excellent casted, despite being present in barely 2-3 scenes.


MS DHONI – THE UNTOLD STORY gets it right for most part. While the film would be just a  decent watch for an average movie goer, the film is an absolute treat to watch for cricket fans and fans of Dhoni. A film which would give goosebumps to cricket fans, overall MS DHONI – THE UNTOLD STORY is a satisfying watch. Go for it!


**** 4 stars – Must watch for cricket lovers and fans of Mahendra Singh Dhoni.