Sachin – A Billion Dreams is an innings worth viewing

Directed by – James Erskine

Produced by – 200 NotOut Productions

Genre – Documentary


Sachin Tendulkar , a name that needs no introduction whatsoever all over India and the cricketing world at large. A man who shouldered the responsibility of a billion hopes, who at times single handedly carried Indian cricket,who was among the best players of India, who had a long,incredibly spectacular career,who saw the ups and downs of the game and battled them all.Sachin Tendulkar is the man , the legend and as many call him , the god of cricket . So naturally , a documentary on one of the most profilic legends of Indian cricket comes in with humongous expectations. Does Sachin – A Billion Dreams deliver? Do we shout out ‘Sachin Sachin’ with the same passion again? Read on to find out……


This is something that needs to be clarified right at the beginning ; Sachin – A Billion Dreams is not a movie like Ms Dhoni – The Untold Story , it is a documentary . One must keep this in mind before moving forward.

Once this has been clarified , there are no two ways about it , Sachin – A Billion Dreams plays a simply beautiful innings for Cricket fans.

For people who have followed Cricket, calling the documentary a treat would be an understatement. The footages of Sachin are simply priceless. All of the best as well as worst moments of Indian cricket during Sachin’s time are captured. Legends one would have never expected to see show up on screen to speak candidly about Sachin. The audiences get to see a confident, honest and candid Sachin,unlike the shy adult we saw at the numerous post match presentation ceremonies. We get an insight into the life of a living legend,and it’s worth every minute.

The music fits in reasonably well, with AR Rahman striking the right notes whenever required.

This is not to say there aren’t flaws. The direction is slightly saggy in the first half, with some minor flaws . Some personal moments of Sachin’s life aren’t handled as well as one would have expected. The background score becomes a tad melodramatic while showcasing Sachin’s bad times. Also the film has nothing in it for anyone who doesn’t love Cricket. Yet these flaws can be overlooked easily by any Cricket lover for one reason – The footages shown.

Special mention for director James Erskine, he has , for most part, gotten it right.

Sachin – A Billion Dreams evokes a nostalgia among Cricket lovers which we longed for. This is a film which shows Sachin at a personal level as well as him at his cricketing best . During these two and a half hours, we relive and recall all those historic moments , out happiness then and as we feel the same sense of adrenaline and  exhilaration , we realize that nothing’s changed, the Cricket fan within us has not died.

As I write this article , I realize that I’m not longer attempting to review this film, infact I’m attempting to write a humble tribute to a man who has contributed so some of the best moments of my life. Thank You Sachin , for all those good times, Thank you for those priceless moments, Thank You for those exquisite shots,the impeccable timing, enviously brilliant strokeplay,handy bowling skills…….Thank You for just being the Messiah you are for Indian Cricket.Thank You for your genius, which we were fortunate enough to witness.


Returning to the attempt of reviewing this documentary , Sachin – A Billion Dreams is a must watch for Cricket lovers throughout the world. However for someone who isn’t a Cricket fan and hasn’t followed the sport, this documentary has nothing much to offer. 

Rating – 

**** 4 stars – For all the cricket lovers out there , go for it , now!

7 thoughts on “Sachin – A Billion Dreams is an innings worth viewing

  1. Beautifully written review. Your style of writing is awesome. Loved the way you have written. God bless you always!


  2. Adi well written and a bit differently as compared to your reveiws on past movies. You should explore writing on other topics of your interest as well..and your versatility will go up with that and you will evolve more as a writer.
    Best wishes from your ardent fan.!! stay blessed.


  3. Wonderful tribute to an outstanding’ve aroused my interest to see it soon will definitely do that!


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