Dishoom – Akshaye Khanna packs a punch in this masala flick

*ing – John Abraham , Varun Dhawan , Jacqueline Fernandez , Akshaye Khanna , Saqib Saleem

Produced by – Sajid Nadiadwala

Directed by – Rohit Dhawan


Dishoom has been marketed by its makers in a way that it has created a general perception of being a typical masala entertainer among the movie going audience. A good starcast , a hit song (Sau Tarah ke) , big production values, aggressive marketing campaign, Dishoom seems to have everything going for it. So does this massy film manage to entertain? Does Varun Dhawan continue his successful run at the box office? Read on to find out……


Dishoom is a typical masala film , which tries it’s best to compete with various cop – buddy flicks from both Hollywood and Bollywood. It is due to this that there is a feeling of deja – vu while watching the film.While it doesn’t bore the audience, it manages to entertain only in bits and parts.

The production values of Dishoom are excellent. Everything from the costumes to the set designs and locations is excellent. One can easily see that the film has been made on a lavish scale. The action sequences are good, though not brilliant. Special mention to the cinematography department, the locations have been captured very well.

The story of Dishoom is average. The music is a real disappointment , and everything except for the ‘Sau Tarah ke’ track is irritating, especially the Dishoom title track. The background score is average at best. 

As far as the direction is concerned, Rohit Dhawan has done a reasonable job. He isn’t brilliant, but he does have the potential to do something better.

Now for the performances. John Abraham has barely  two expressions on his face throughout the film. Given the fact that his character has  been written that way, he has still done a reasonably good job. Varun Dhawan has the potential, but he needs to stop hamming it up and realize that he cannot be Govinda. He has his moments though. Jacqueline Fernandez looks great , dances well and gives a performance suited for her role. Akshaye Khanna is fantastic as the baddie. He’s made a spectacular comeback, and is totally in control of the film whenever he’s on-screen. Saqib Saleem is decent as the star cricketer of the Indian team. Akshay Kumar makes a hilarious cameo, which will be well received. 


Dishoom is a film which neither soars nor plummets. It moves along at decent pace and provides average entertainment value. The film will be received well by the single screen audience. Most recommended for fans of the masala genre and fans of Varun, John and Jacqueline. If you’re not one of the above, skip it.


2.5 stars – Watchable only for those who relish masala films or are fans of the lead starcast. Others can give it a miss!

6 thoughts on “Dishoom – Akshaye Khanna packs a punch in this masala flick

  1. Wow!!!! very honest and logical review..not like other site who give 4 star to movie Bodygaurd Dilwale and HNY where not like by many audience…well job..keep it up…


  2. Good review. But can’t help adding that John’s fans don’t go with any expectations of seeing him act, He’s strictly eye candy! And it would have been surprising if Akshay Khanna hadn’t delivered, because he is a fine actor. Keep up the good work. Awaiting your next review.


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