Udta Punjab – This one flies ‘High’


*ing – Shahid Kapoor, Kareena Kapoor Khan, Diljit Dosanjh, Alia Bhatt and others.

Produced by – Balaji Productions and Phantom films.

Directed by – Abhishek Chaubey


Udta Punjab is undoubtedly the most hyped film of the year. A film which has seen so many ups and downs even before it’s release, Udta Punjab is associated with some of the best artists in the industry. A powerful starcast, a director who has good films to his credit, producers who are known to produce good films, a good buzz around the film, not to mention a reasonably popular soundtrack,  this Abhishek Chaubey Directorial  has it all. Does the film live up to the tremendous hype? Read on to find out……


Udta Punjab is dark, gory and
at some points, uncomfortably realistic. Most things work in favour of this excellent film. There are instances in the first half where the screenplay seems a bit slow, but the plusses outweigh the minuses here.The second half is outstanding, with the story fitting as seamlessly as a jigsaw puzzle.

The film has done well to mix politics and the system of drugs, and it is quite shocking to see the youth of Punjab drowning so deep in this mess. The cinematography leaves an impact on one’s mind, as it has aptly conveyed the seriousness of the subject. The camera work is also brilliant. As mentioned above, the screenplay is a bit slow at times in the first half, but quite a few scenes are brilliantly written. The production values are quite good. The background score and music compliments the tone of the film well. The editing seems a bit flawed in a few scenes, as they seem disjointed. The dialogues are filled with cuss words, yet they do not seem out of place and fit in naturally with the proceedings.

The humour in the film is dark, but will work ,especially with the youth. The dialogues are mostly in Punjabi, but they’re easy to understand except for a few scenes.

Director Abhishek Chaubey does a fine job with the subject at hand. He’s improved with every film, and has handled Udta Punjab well.

The best part about Udta Punjab are the performances. Shahid Kapoor has gotten into the skin of the character, and does excellently as Tommy Singh, the rockstar. His role is loosely based on that of Yo Yo Honey Singh, and he nails it completely. One of his best performances. Alia Bhatt has delivered her career best performance with Udta Punjab.  She is absolutely brilliant as the Bihari migrant. Kareena Kapoor has done an excellent job as Dr. Preet Sahani, the doctor who fights against the evils of drug addiction. Diljit Dosanjh ,the Punjabi Superstar, has made a spectacular entry into Bollywood. He is totally in control as the police officer Sartaj Singh, and never does he seem uncomfortable while facing such seasoned stars. As far as acting prowess are concerned, Diljit seems to be a star in the making. The rest of the cast lend able support and perform well in their roles.

Udta Punjab is one of the very few multi-starrers in which none of the leads are overshadowed. Every actor has an important role and good screen time,and they deliver.

Just a small note for the censor board-


Udta Punjab is a dark, realistic film. It contains quite a bit of abusing, and the film is not meant for those looking for light-hearted entertainment. For those who find the genre of the film appealing, it is a must watch. For masala film lovers, family audiences and those who prefer clean films, give this one a Miss.


**** 4 stars – A must watch.

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